I’m Already Anxious About How Disorganized the Forever21 Closing Sale Will Be

The big news in retail this week is that another major brand has filed for bankruptcy –and this time it’s Forever 21. You know, the place you’d go when you were 19, broke and looking for the, “I need a bodycon dress for the bars that I will look cute in now, but won’t be mad if I threw up in later,” type of outfit. Forever21 used to be the hottest place to go for fast fashion, AKA cheap stuff you could grab an arm-full of and not need to spend more than $100 on an entire new wardrobe.

It was trendy, yes, but ya get what ya pay for, so you’d know these items wouldn’t last you longer than one or two wears (especially if you did in fact throw up it from drinking too many Smirnoff Ices at your crush’s frat house).

As reported by the Times Union:

GUILDERLAND — Apparently, Albany isn’t a major market, at least in the eyes of Forever 21.

The Crossgates Mall Forever 21, a massive store with an acre and a half of floor space, is appearing on the list of 178 stores in the U.S. that the fast fashion retailer plans to close as part of its bankruptcy reorganization.

A Forever 21 spokesperson said after the filing that the retailer didn’t plan to leave any “major metropolitan” areas. With Crossgates the only remaining location in the Capital Region after the company closed its Wilton Mall store in February, there was some thought the Guilderland location might remain.

Now, it looks like that store, as well as the one at Destiny USA in Syracuse, and others in Johnson City, Middletown, Rochester, Niagara Falls and New Hartford, are set to close.

I feel like there are so many brands that have filed for bankruptcy in recent years, like David’s Bridal, Sears, and Charlotte Russe –which all still continue to operate stores today. Bankruptcy, as far as I know, doesn’t mean every damn door closes within days of the announcement being made. I think it’s basically just a big panic button that lets people know you are in t-r-o-u-b-l-e. But, based on the report above, it looks like our local store at Crossgates Mall is one of the locations that really will.

When it comes to Forever21, I am not surprised to hear this news (and I wasn’t surprised about the others named above), and I am not one bit sad that it might leave our mall –as long as another retailer can fill that big, empty spot it’ll leave behind. And really, no one should be surprised if you’ve ever stepped foot in one of their stores.

It’s kind of like how when you get an MRI they ask you if you’re claustrophobic, and you go, “No.” And then they go, “Well, most people don’t find out they are claustrophobic until they get in this machine.” Forever21 and anxiety sort of have a similar relationship. You walk in with high hopes to find some steals and deals, but then you set your eyes on the messiest store, the most insane dressing rooms, and aimlessly walk around rooms and rooms full of disorganized clothes until you get lost, THEN you understand the high-stress of shopping at a Forever21. Walking in there was always a nightmare, and was hardly ever worth it to wait in the line for the fitting room our checkout for what it was you actually wanted to buy. And also –could you imagine working there?! I get myself riled up just thinking about how intense a retail environment like that would be.

There is usually one bonus of stores going out of business, though, and that is the prospect of walking away with some major deals from a huge closeout sale. STORE CLOSING! EVERYTHING MUST GO! 75 PERCENT OFF THE ENTIRE STORE! can entice you and convince you that you need that leopard jumpsuit and the insanely impractical hoop earrings just because they are so freakin’ cheap. And yeah, I’ll probably take a look myself to see what staple pieces I can grab for a ridiculously low price, but my god I can already picture how messy that store is going to be the second those bright red closing signs go up.

So, shoppers beware, and shop smart. You need to approach this sale with a Hunger Games mentality. Be strong, be resilient, don’t buy things you don’t really need, and remember my favorite rule: quality over quantity. So long, Forever21 and your broke college-girl wardrobe. It’s time to grow up, use your steady paycheck go to ZARA now.



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