Continuing The Search For The Ultimate ALLbany Bucket List

It’s not news that Taylor and I are both moving to downtown Albany this month. But maybe it is, because I was at Brown’s Brewing on Friday and a bartender said he had a $50 bet on whether or not Taylor and I were actually moving or not. So to clarify, yes it’s real, so my guy made $50 and my first drink was on the house.

In prep for our stay in Albany, we are compiling the ultimate Allbany (which I would argue should be the city’s new spelling so flight attendants stop butchering it) bucket list to make sure we hit all the must-dos during our tenure there.

We will have 100 items on the bucket list by the time we move in. We’ve solicited a lot of good responses, but we needed a few more. So Taylor and I went out to First Friday Albany (the Troy Night Out equivalent of the Capital City) and asked around town what we should do.







How do you feel?

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