We Will Break The Record For The Most Mimosas Made In A Morning At Manory’s on Sunday, November 10

For those who are new to the 2BD universe, or haven’t followed along with Plategate, you’re here at the right time…


This summer I accidentally broke one of Manory’s precious pieces of China while giving it my all in their ice cream eating competition. One thing lead to another and I had the  Manory’s management calling for me to make things right by working a shift at their restaurant on a busy Sunday morning. Fair enough. But then they even dug the knife a little deeper by offering Taylor & a friend 90 minutes of bottomless mimosas while I bust my ass…

Yesterday I followed up like a true sport and offered my services this Sunday, with the intent to not only redeem myself, but to break (or make) the record for the most mimosas made in a morning at Manory’s.

Say that 5 times fast.

Anyways, they told me Sunday was Chowderfest and something about chowder and mimosas not mixing well, so we decided that Sunday, November 10th will be the day to set records. So stay tuned, get yourself physically and mentally prepared to brunch harder than you ever had in your life. Figure out what you like to eat that enables you to down 5, 10, 50 glasses of mimosas to help me, help Manory’s set this very important record.

But please be advised, that however you enjoy Troy at Manory’s, whether you’re downing bottomless mimosas or eating their cider donut french toast, just don’t break any of their plates.



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