10 Best Things that Happened in College Football – Week 6

It’s time for your mid-week weekend. I could’ve had 25 videos here from this past weekend in college football, but I settled for the top 10. For you. I wrote this for you. Let it brighten your Wednesday.

1. The best bad call ever. Sound on.

I have more inflection in my voice when I order at the Dunkin drive-thru.

2. Michigan trying some different things to turn the season around

Why band geeks? Why? Are the kids holding this psycho just not good enough to actually play their instrument? Trying to show their strength in front of Coach Harbaugh to get on the field? Either way, this is such a ridiculous move I have no choice but to respect it.

3. Georgia shows Tennessee why they are Georgia

Tennessee came out of the gates ready to play, even had an early lead or two. Then Georgia happened. And this play was the 3rd nail in the coffin. But more importantly who took the worse hit? The QB or the ref? Talk about a physical play.

4. Ohio State’s band does things

Ok that’s pretty cool and bands are one of the main aspects of college football that no other sport can match. You can always count on Ohio State’s band to do something ridiculous.

5. Texas shows that offensive lineman are athletes too

Big man can move! And finished that run with some attitude.

6. Dumbest play of the weekend brought to you by a couple 19 year olds

For those of you who are unfamiliar with kickoff rules. The ball is LIVE after it travels 10 yards. By my estimation, this kick went farther than 10 yards. The SMU returners absolutely gifted Tulsa a touchdown. If I was on that coaching staff I probably would’ve jumped out of the booth.

7. The game of the week was also the sloppiest game of the year

Tackled by the 40-yard line. Brutal. And just so we’re on the same page, Auburn threw an interception the very next play. There were 8 total turnovers. Yikes.

8. Florida sealed their biggest win in recent memory with an 88-yard TD run

The crowd’s roar in the Swamp during this play gives me uncontrollable chills. It’s impressive I’m able to type after watching it.

9. Tip it to yourself like the 6-foot 5th grader playing basketball

Gorgeous play for the Golden Gophers.

10. Yes, he caught this.

It sucks when the refs take the moment away. I know it looked like there was no chance he got his foot down in bounds, but just throw your hands up and let the celebration go! You can always fix it later.

That’s what we got for ya on your Wednesday. Been loving this fall weather. It really is football season and once it’s football season, it’s nothing else. Sorry baseball.



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