Congrats to Kate for Winning the Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

Ever since we turned the Best Dressed list into an online voting competition, my weeks sitting behind a computer screen have gotten so much more exciting! As most of the things I do revolve around fashion, this contest has been a great addition to our 2BD content, especially since it’s able to get people involved and inspired about how to dress their best here in the Capital Region (or to show some love for the people who do).

I can curate the looks I think are list-worthy (duh, that’s how the list gets made), but I like involving the people out there to be the true test of what they think the hottest look is in any given week. This week, the people spoke and voted for Kate –our next Fashion Friday winner! (PS: I know this hasn’t been coming out on Fridays, but we’ve had some great local events lately that have shifted our posting schedule. Oh and I just like the way Fashion Friday sounds so I am rolling with it regardless.)

Kate had a great look at the Saratoga Living “Best of Everything Event” and is for sure a deserving recipient of the $50 ZARA gift card she’ll be getting in the mail thanks to our friends at Crossgates Mall. Let’s be real, if you shop at ZARA, the likelihood of you someday making the Best Dressed list is going to skyrocket because their fast fashion clothing items are trendy, affordable and FASHIONABLE, of course. Need a little help putting together a stellar look? You know where to find me.

Congrats, Kate! And thanks to all 800 or so of you who voted in this week’s poll. See ya next week for another round of fashion fun.



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