Bloody Mary Review – Prime at Saratoga National

Prime at Saratoga National is one of those fancy places the majority of us reserve for special occasions. It has a gorgeous outdoor patio and infinity pool, an expansive menu and bar, and the grounds itself from the entryway filled with flowers to the views of the golf course are all A+ for feeling like a big shot.

I don’t make it up there much myself, except when the Real Housewives of New York City are in town –and trust me, I lived my best life that day. We figured it’d be proper to start off that Sunday brunch with a Bloody Mary and an official review, so of course we did. I invited my mom to join me because she’s the one that A) gave me life and B) got me into drinking these in the first place.

How did this one stack up to the rest? Check out our latest review to find out. Oh, and keep recommending me some more places because I want to see the average score for an Upstate NY Bloody Mary go way, way up this fall.



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