PSA: I Highly Recommend a Saratoga Staycation at The Inn at Five Points

Thanks to the sometimes great, sometimes not-so-great world of social media, travel is really having its moment right now. Your social feed is somehow always filled with pics of someone’s European adventure or West Coast road trip –and it’s great! When you are the one doing it, or at the very least, getting inspired by it. The reality is though, not all of us get to be ballin’ out on crazy vacations all the time, and when we do, yes we document it for all to see and soak up all the new sights, culture, and food, but that opportunity might only come around once a year (or maybe once every few).

Enter: my new thing. The staycation. Whether you’re able to travel at any point throughout the year or not, either way, do not let a good old fashioned staycation pass you by. It’s the perfect way to get outta town (even if you don’t go too far), and spend a night in a cute, cozy spot that lets you slip away from reality without having to put your vacation responder on your work email.

I’ve recently gotten into the staycation game this past year and I have to say, it will without a doubt will be worked into my routine from here on out. Especially because of the experiences I’ve had staying at The Inn at Five Points in downtown Saratoga this summer and fall.

The Inn at Five Points is a 10-minute walk from all the fun of downtown Saratoga, yet is situated in a cute little residential neighborhood that makes you feel like you’re in a completely new place for the weekend. It’s great for a girls’ trip, couple’s retreat, or if your mom is your BFF like mine is, a little mom/daughter getaway. Oh –it’s even great for a 2BD Squadcast, like we had earlier this year when we got kicked out of the track due to extreme heat. All the times I’ve been there, everyone at the Inn has been the most gracious, accommodating host. If they can handle the 2BD squad, they can surely take care of anyone.

When you stay somewhere locally-owned and operated for the weekend, it makes you feel a little bit guilty about all the money you’ve spent on big-brand hotel brands. When you stay with a corporate chain, you get a cookie cutter experience and that’s about it. Where at a place like the The Inn at Five Points, you’re getting a 10/10 hospitality experience, and everything that comes along with that unique feeling that you’re doing something special and out-of-the-ordinary. Because you are! It really feels fancy and fun and different. Not your usual check in, lose a couple hotel keys, wake up feeling the stale air, you know the deal…

This place has thought of everything when it comes to making your stay as comfortable and unique as possible. From the thoughtful details, like a beautifully put-together Pottery Barn worthy bed and a sweet (literally) welcome package when you walk in your room, to a home cooked breakfast set on the table for the exact time you want it the next morning. You can mix and mingle with other guests in their reception/bar area or cozy couch, and if it’s nice out, you can hang outside on the porch swing or on the patio furniture in the lush backyard.

What I also love about my new staycation mindset is that I’ve been able to experience Saratoga in a way I previously hadn’t. I can get a bit nervous sometimes thinking about all the logistics of planning a night out, especially when making the trip up to Saratoga. Who’s going to DD? How expensive are the Ubers going to be to get there and back? Well, when I staycation at the Inn, I don’t have to worry about any of that because I can put my money towards a nice, safe stay and be able to walk everywhere and spend the entire evening on my own time. Also, since I’ll probably never be able to afford to live in Saratoga for real (at least not for a while), this makes me feel super cool and posh for the night like I live downtown and know all the cute and fun things to do.

It’s so cool to know we have amazing places like this so close to home. We constantly talk about how great Upstate NY is and it’s because of places like this where you can actually live out the phrase, “be a tourist in your own city.” I will say, B&Bs are definitely for a more “mature” crowd, which is probably why it took me so long to hop on this train, but now that I have, it’s totally changed the way I think about all of those social media travel pics and what it really means to unplug and enjoy a change of pace for a little while.

So, do yourself or your loved one a favor and consider booking a Saratoga staycation of your own at The Inn at Five Poitns.

Sincerely, your new local tour guide.



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