The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

Olesia Verzole (@_olesiaverzole_)

The Verzole sisters AKA, @__sisterslay__, are killing the 518 fashion game one –or I guess, two, looks at a time. This week is officially the week of the turtlenecks (scroll down and you’ll see what I mean and big sis Olesia’s look here is fall PERFECTION.

From the white-rimmed sunglasses to the thin turtleneck and buttoned up blazer, I just want to be wearing this right now and call it a day for the Best Dressed list. Looks like this one teach you a valuable lesson in style, which is that it is literally NBD to mix browns and blacks –I know there was a time where that would’ve been a fashion no, but that time ain’t now.

PS: Her sister Zenia, a Best Dressed list alum, is also crushing her own look here and it must be recognized. Celebrated, even.

Jené Luciani (@jeneontv)

My girl Jené was rocking one of my favorite outfits to date on her most recent appearance on Fox & Friends for Columbus Day. A few months ago, I chatted with Jené for a style blurb in Her Life Magazine, and my advice to share had to do with nude and neon and why that color combo works so well.

That conversation must’ve stuck around for a little while afterwards, or at least when she picked up this combo during her last shopping trip (She said it’s from Kohl’s, people! No shame in her bargain shopping game). I love the neon green turtleneck with the pleather camel skirt to soften/warm up the look, and not to mention this FIERCE slicked back ponytail to make the outfit the for real focal point.

She also had on hot pink pumps with this outfit for even more added sass, I mean stop it! Don’t be afraid to rock some bold colors this fall while the crisp, bright leaves are falling off the trees.

Adrian Lewis

Have you ever seen someone looking so cool while eating a breakfast sandwich from little pecks? Adrian is a local artist here in the 518, but in this photo, he is making his best attempt at turning the Times Union SEEN gallery as a place for his modeling headshot.

I love the leather jacket and an early introduction into turtleneck season, baby! If you think guys can’t rock turtlenecks you are at least 75 percent wrong –I am sure there are plenty of people who can’t/won’t, but also never say never.

This is the perfect layered fall look, keeping it neutral and sleek while also making the breakfast sandwich a heavy priority. Adrian knows how to dress for a weekend well spent in downtown Troy for Chowderfest.


Robert Thomsen (@robertthomsenhair)

While it’s Robert’s day job to make other people look fabulous at Alexandria’s Beauty Salon, it’s nice to see him dressed up and showing off his own personal style, too. I could’ve tried to find four turtleneck looks for this week’s list since it feels like we have a theme going here, but I couldn’t ignore the bow tie and pocket square combo going on right now.

I can tell from the picture there’s some gold speckle thing happening with the pattern on both pieces and I love it. I also love that he’s wearing a bow tie in general because it gave me a flashback to the Metabolic Gala where every guy wearing a bowtie at that event told me it was a fake one and they had no idea how to actually tie one. I bet Robert knows how.

The tan suit is not a look you usually see for weddings, but I think for a fall ceremony and reception (especially an outdoors one like what’s pictured here) it incorporates the beautiful colors within nature right now, while still allowing him to pop! And how could he not with that hair?


Alright people, you know the deal. I make the selections and you pick an overall w inner. VOTE BELOW for your favorite look! The person with the most votes will receive a $50 gift card to ZARA thanks to our friends at Crossgates Mall, and will officially take the title of the Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week.

Who Should Win This Week's Best Dressed? (Week of October 14)



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