10 Best Things that Happened in College Football – Week 7

Mid-week blues can only be cured by some college football recap. Coffee probably helps too but this is free so do the math. You’re welcome.

1. Me agreeing to ridiculous tasks at work:

Maybe he just hates his long snapper? As a retired LS myself, I do not appreciate that backup QB/punter holder giving me shit mid-game. That next snap would come so fast he better hope he still has a middle finger to give.

2. Spins (Circle button/B button)

I’m dizzy just watching this. I thought 2 spins in 1 play only happened in the video game. RIP btw.

3. Very airborne for the TD

Idk Caroline looks a little young to be the mother of a 20 year old but who am I to question?

4. Unreal athleticism for the catch

There’s not a single task in life I could do with that much athleticism and grace. Not one thing.

5. LSU Tailgate

Symbolism! Get it?

6. Coach O being Coach O (translation below)

“Welcome to Death Valley, where opponents’ dreams come to die”

This was proven correct with LSU’s 42-28 win over Florida.

7. Jalen Hurts with another weekly “Give me the Heisman” play

Ball security is job security. Everyone knows that. Even if he didn’t complete the pass this would still be a highlight.

8. Everything about how South Carolina beat #3 Georgia

First, the Cocks broke their own heart. This was for the win in OT:

Absolutely loved the injured QB’s reaction.

And why does he look exactly like Derek from Stepbrothers?

But Georgia finished with the final heartbreak. Yikes.

9. Iowa made a play…once.

Was rooting hard for Iowa here. This was their one and only impressive offensive play beyond the occasional 10 yard run. I couldn’t believe they had a receiver. On the field. At all.

10. Florida on 4th & Goal from the inch-line

The Gators couldn’t hang in the end but what a catch in a huge moment on a huge stage. But in the end, Geaux Tigers.



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