The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week: Real Men Wear Pink Edition

Pink is everyone’s favorite color in October, right? And not just because it’s a bad ass color for both men and women to wear, but because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time where people all over the country rally together to raise money and gain support for the fight against breast cancer. There are so many ways throughout this month to show love for this amazing cause, and right here in the Capital Region one of the biggest efforts has been going on (and growing!) for five years and counting: the Real Men Wear Pink campaign with the American Cancer Society.

There are 27 men in the Capital Region who are dedicating one month of their time and wardrobes to the Real Men Wear Pink fundraiser, where the 518 is trying to raise the most money in the ENTIRE COUNTRY during the month of October to support breast cancer awareness. Each guy, from CEOs to doctors, dentists to realtors, small business owners to sports media personalities, is individually raising money through events, beer (shout out to Adirondack Brewery’s Hope Ale) and a whole bunch of other creative ideas to get their networks to help them reach their own fundraising goal and the goal of the Capital Region to be #1 in the entire country.

Last year, the 518 came in second place at the last minute, and this year it would be pretty damn cool to say our Region is responsible for raising the most money overall. The Capital Region’s Real Men Wear Pink team has raised $157,930 of their $250,000 goal so far –but we want to make sure they take it over the top!

So, in effort to help everyone’s effort, I wanted to shine a spotlight on the other part of the Real Men Wear Pink campaign, money aside. All 27 men must also vow to wear at least one article of pink clothing for an entire month during the fundraising efforts, and I can’t imagine that’s all that easy for some dudes out there. I hardly have more than three articles of pink clothing, but after browsing through these photos, I gotta say they’re making it look pretty seamless so far.

Not only can you VOTE for your favorite look below, but you can also click and donate to your favorite fashionable man (PS: we really need a proper term for a male fashionista) to help the Capital Region reach its goal!

Two Buttons Deep will make a donation to the winner’s campaign.

So, let’s see who is rocking their pink this week while raising money to support breast cancer. (Oh, and PS: shout out to my girl Lizzie Hunter who is the Wonder Woman behind the Capital Region efforts at the American Cancer Society. Not only is she a past #FashionFriday winner, but she is literally here, there and everywhere supporting this campaign and making sure the Capital Region comes out on top this year.)

Anthony Marino, American Cancer Society

Anthony here is rocking a true pink pant –I’m not accepting that this is that salmon color those Saratoga boys love to rock in the summertime. He’s paired it with a pale pink button down and seems to really be getting the hang of this #PinkOctober thing. I trust Anthony is giving every day the amount of dedication that he was giving this look right here fo his interview with WNYT-13. Plus, he’s representing the American Cancer Society so he’s gotta be the leader of the pack.

Doug McClaine, Albany Capital Center

I can feel a frontrunner here with Doug’s smart move to open up the inside of his jacket and show off that amazing floral pattern going on. I actually like this sport coat so much that I am willing to ignore the fact he is only one button deep in this photo. Doug nailed it by making sure the rest of his look was clean and simple and most importantly, well-fitted. The jacket is the star of the show here and I am OK with that. Nicely done!

Jason Gough, Jason’s Weather  

Show. Stopper. Jason had to do it to ’em and go with an ALL PINK SUIT to celebrate October and to increase the likelihood of people donating to his campaign this month. And the accessories in this pic are just too much to handle. Pink shoes (Converse?), a pink bowtie and matching pocket square with a purple inside of the jacket. Sorry Doug, you might have more competition than I realized…

Dr. Shankar Das, The Bone & Joint Center

We need to change up the lyrics from, “I don’t want no scrubs” because I’m pretty sure Dr. Das here is going to be showing up to work every day in a pair of pink scrubs for the rest of October and maybe forever. How could his patients not love this? It’s definitely no easy task to fulfill the duties of this campaign when you’re limited to operating room attire, but with this breast cancer cap to go along with the hot pink scrubs, I’m going to say Dr. Das is killing it.

David Hollander, Sano-Rubin Construction Services

David is the LEADER so far in the Capital Region fundraising effort at over $20,000! He must be hitting the ground running every day trying to get support for this campaign and he is surely inspiring the rest of the fellas out there, too. He’s playing it safe with the outfit, but that pink pin really ties it together and honestly, everybody gets points for being able to track down a pink blazer and have one in your closet at a moment’s notice.

It’s your turn, folks. I bring you the nominees and you bring me a clear-cut winner by Wednesday at 5PM. Don’t forget to click the links for everyone’s name above and consider donating to one of them specifically or to the Real Men Wear Pink campaign as a whole. We really hope to see the Capital Region WIN this year’s competition and support the fight against breast cancer.

Who should win this week's Best Dressed? (Real Men Wear Pink Edition)




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