2BD is Sharing Our Startup Journey at Startup Tech Valley on November 6

We (meaning Two Buttons Deep, and some of you other local entrepreneurs out there reading this), are extremely lucky to have a growing startup scene here in the Capital Region and Upstate NY. There are so many networking events, workshops, panels and lectures on topics for startup companies and entrepreneurs to get familiar with the local community and to make connections that’ll help your business.

In the three-ish years Jack and I have been working on 2BD, we have had an amazing amount of support from local, successful and very hardworking businesspeople who have served as mentors. These people have given us their time and resources to give us advice that’ll help us grow (or at least to not make the mistakes they once did). One of those people is our guy Tom Nardacci from the Troy Innovation Garage, AKA the home of 2BD HQ.

The Garage has been our go-to meeting place since it opened, and it’s a space that allows us to have professional meetings with our clients, film our podcasts and squadcasts AND drink beer from their keg while we do it all. There are some impressive people popping in and out of the space every day (and Bull Moose Club Albany) and for us, being in here has helped us gain some more followers and fans as well as get advice from other people in the local business community who have kept an eye on what we’ve been up to.

So, on November 6, we are going to represent the Garage at their Startup Tech Valley Takeover event at Revolution Hall. It’ll just be me up there on stage while Cap’n Jack is on the west coast learning some Adobe skills, but I plan to showcase some of the highlights of our journey so far and let the crowd know (in 8 minutes or less) what’s on the horizon for our tiny blog from 2016 that has now evolved into one of the fastest growing digital media outlets in Upstate NY.

It’s free to attend the event, but you should register in advance to save your spot. And don’t worry, it’s not some stuffy networking event that is no fun and has a ton of people that are no buttons deep. It’s at Brown’s Brewing Co., so there’s plenty of beer and plenty of buttons to loosen up after a day of work. The entire 2BD Squad is honored and excited to have been asked to participate in this event and talk more about what we do here at 2BD. #ButtonByButton



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