You Better Believe I Am Going to ‘Master Chef Junior’ Live in Albany This Spring

ALBANY — The Palace Theatre will be a stop for “MasterChef Junior” Live, a 40-date national tour featuring culinary competitions among past 8- to 13-year-old contestants on the popular Fox cooking show “MasterChef Junior.”

Kids cooking shows are one of my weaknesses, OK?!?! I can easily get suckered into staying in for an entire night (well until my 8:30PM bedtime) watching little mini monsters navigate their way throughout a kitchen during an intense, televised competition.
I think my love for cooking shows in general came during a time where I had totally overdosed on HGTV and couldn’t stand to look at Chip and Joanna Gaines or a Property Brother ever again. The replacement for a program that was light and mindless was real, and I haven’t looked back ever since I switched the channel to all things cooking. Which is funny, actually, because I don’t really fancy myself much of a cook at all. Anyway, to see the news today that a kids cooking show, ‘Master Chef Junior’ is coming LIVE to The Palace in Albany is an absolute TREAT on this fine Wednesday afternoon.
As Jack and I prepare to move to Albany and start compiling our ALLbany bucket list, we knew “see a show at The Palace” would be on there, mostly because people waiting in line to see a show at The Palace told us so. I just didn’t know my one must-see show would be a children’s cooking competition. I’m not mad about it but I’m not proud either. Don’t worry, though, I’ll go with the baseline tickets and not splurge the $150+ for a meet-and-greet with the cast. Then we’d actually have something to worry about.
But before you dismiss the fact that this major live show is coming to the Capital Region, please take a look at some of my most favorite Master Chef Junior GIFs I found while writing this blog. I’m LOLing just looking at these.



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