10 Best Things that Happened in College Football – Week 8

College Football remains undefeated in terms of pure entertainment value and excitement. Madness on top of madness from noon to midnight every Saturday and I think this past week was the craziest so far. I narrowed it down to the 10 best once again. Enjoy.


Come on man! You cannot let your main tradition/attraction fail this horribly. But it was goddamn hilarious and just know that no matter what, you had a better Saturday than the Sooner Schooner.

2. Heads-up football all for nothing

I really, REALLY wished this play stood. Damn RPO (run/pass option) plays let this happen sometimes. Can’t have your center 6 yards downfield when you throw the ball but I think we can all agree they could’ve let it slide here. Awesome awareness.

3. Illinois takes down #6 Wisconsin as a 30-POINT UNDERDOG

Unreal upset. Wisconsin had control the entire game but kept giving Illinois enough hope to hold on and win in dramatic fashion. Big time disappointment in Madison.

4. Man-handling of the year

I would say throwing the nose tackle 2 gaps over and almost ending your left tackle’s season in the process is a successful play for #64.

5. Worst fake punt ever?

Usually it’s the players who dread watching the film on Sunday but for this one I think the coaches who thought this was a good idea should sink down in their chairs. I mean what the fuck was that?

6. Not the cleanest interception, but probably the coolest

Air Force is good at keeping things in the air I guess.

7. Accidental perfect onside kick

Just another stupid bounce you don’t see in any other sport. How the hell does that happen? If it was on purpose, that kicker needs to be drafted ASAP.

8. Pitt TD celebration

Shut up Pitt. No one cares you drink. Fuck you. Go Cuse.

9. Quarterback goes BEAST MODE

Never thought I’d see a quarterback go full gamebreaker, beast mode like Marshawn Lynch but hey, anything can happen. Talk about running with attitude.

10. Feel-good story of the week courtesy of Minnesota

Survives 4 bouts with cancer, gets in the game for the undefeated Minnesota Golden Gophers. That’s why sports are better than anything else.



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