Morse Code: Help I’ve Fallen And I Need $170,000

Just when you think the chaos in Cohoes has settled, former Mayor Morse strikes again. It was reported today in the TU that the city is preparing to pay their disgruntled ex-mayor $170,000 for…falling in city hall last year?


COHOES — Shawn M. Morse, the embattled former Cohoes mayor, is on track to receive more than $170,000 from the city for injury claims, including an incident last year when he slipped on the stairs inside City Hall following a Common Council meeting.

Councilman Stephen Napier Jr. said he witnessed an incident last year when Morse appeared to lose his balance as he descended the last step of the staircase near the mayor’s office following a council meeting on the second floor.


What a world. I don’t know Shawn Morse, but I think he’s a smart man. He knew damn well what he was doing. He had a few select witnesses of the fall, it happened in a building he knew would be held accountable, and only fell off the last step to prevent any actual injury. Even though a serious hand injury would probably keep him out of trouble for a while.

The city has already paid him $5,000 to prevent him from placing any new claims against them. All meanwhile he is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 10 for his guilty plea in August to a felony wire fraud count in U.S. District Court. So I guess this settlement might just be financial damage control from a city who has more than less turned their back on him.

Like I said, smart man.

P.S. Can you imagine if he was Mayor of Troy and had to walk on their crooked sidewalks? Dude would be a millionaire.




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