Reale Resumes Troy Mayoral Campaign After Learning Local Mayors Can Make $170,000 For Slipping On The Job

#TroyCrazy is back in action folks. Today, Tom Reale a 37-year-old political incumbent re-joined the mayoral race after dropping out a mere 3 weeks ago. According to the TU:

Reale bowed out of the contest three weeks ago under pressure from County Executive Steve McLaughlin and GOP operative Rich Crist. That decision left two candidates in the race: Mayor Patrick Madden, a Democrat, and Rodney Wiltshire, a registered Democrat running on the Green and Independence party lines.

I’m not quite sure what McLaughlin’s game plan was pressuring the only bid for the Republican party off of the ballet for Troy Mayor. Maybe he wants Wiltshire to win, and I can’t blame him. One time Wiltshire popped up at 2BD Karaoke night and performed a genuinely impressive duet of “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” with his wife, which is no easy feat, so I get why we want to vote for him. But regardless, it seemed like McLaughlin bullied Reale into submission for whatever reason, and off he went back to his 9-5.

But wait, there’s more!

Republican Tom Reale will re-enter Troy’s race for mayor.

I don’t want to start conspiracies, but hear me out. Last week I wrote about our neighbor Mayor Shawn Morse ringing in $170,000 for SLIPPING in city hall last year while on the job. Reale, a mayoral hopeful whose day job was threatened by McLaughlin & co, is probably thinking conservatively about how to support his family if this whole political chapter blows up in his face and he no longer has income.

Solution? Become Mayor and walk down any Troy sidewalk. He’ll have 2 broken ankles and thus, a lawsuit worth millions if he plays his cards like Morse. I haven’t confirmed any of this, but I’m pretty sure this comeback is for Reale.



How do you feel?

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