The Squadcast Live From The Lobby of The Knick

The Squadcast touches down at its new home at the Knick in downtown Albany. Taylor and I are moving there sooner or later. So until we get power in our new home we will be broadcasting from the lobby of The Knick and the Troy Innovation Garage.

Today Jordan, Taylor and I discuss

– A new app that pays your not to text and drive
– Former Mayor of Cohoes seeking $170,000 for a Slip & Fall
– The squad vauges to make the Town of Argyle wet again
– Local family turning virality for good with their Halloween decor
– Taylor’s whacky letter from Jenny B which made her wonder if she was pregnant
– Viral proposal at The Albany Academies
– We check in on the progress of their new apartments as they prep to Live In Albany

Presented by: Adirondack Pub & Brewery +
Featuring: Jordan CanzeriTaylor RaoJack
Produced by: Jack Carpenter, Tyler Mone



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