10 Best Things that Happened in College Football – Week 9

Another wild weekend of college football all around the country. For the third consecutive week, a top-10 team lost to an unranked opponent. This week’s victim was the Oklahoma Sooners losing at 23.5 point favorites on the road to Kansas State.

Stat of the day: Oklahoma has lost as a double-digit favorite in 8 of the last 9 seasons!! SHEESH. Choke artists AND their wagon is out for the season. Let’s get into the ridiculousness:

1. Hard-hitting 8 second video

More happened in the first 2 seconds of this video than in the entire first half of every Big 10 game this weekend. What a ride that was.

2. Finishing a Block: Exhibit 1.A.

MAN HANDLED. That was fueled entirely by rivalry-juice and I couldn’t love it more. Can’t see the Notre Dame defender’s number because they were getting torn off his chest but that kid probably just skipped film on Sunday.

3. All-time bonehead move from Texas Tech

Game is tied, they miss the kick and it goes to OT. If you block a field goal but the ball still travels past the line of scrimmage, it is a dead ball UNLESS the defense touches it again. They leave it alone and they go to OT. Instead:

A lateral to no one results in a loss to Kansas. YIKES.

4. Catch of the year of the week

He considered putting a second hand on the ball and was just like fuck it I got this, go Cocks. Gamecocks of course.

5. Wisconsin QB with the throw of the week

Dropped it in a window the size of a mailbox against arguably the best team in the country. Wisconsin couldn’t hang with the Buckeyes for long but wow what a play.

6. CeeDee Lamb of Oklahoma: good at football

I would say he looks like he’s in a video game but there’s no way anyone could make that play in a video game. Holy balls he has speed. Maybe the Giants will get him???

7. Punt of the GODDAMN CENTURY

It’s not often a punt with no return makes the cut. Actually it has never happened and will never again because this was the holy grail of punts. HE HIT THE PYLON. Get this kid in our homeland security I want him in charge of our missiles.

8. Ohio State defender SENDS IT

Can’t knock the effort. Literally like a bat out of hell riding a jetski…right past the quarterback.

9. Gameday sign stating facts

Never forget Harambe. Can we confirm Wisconsin has killed 0 gorillas?

10. Coach O being Coach O

You might be wondering what the hell you just watched but that’s just a football coach who loves football players. He definitely recruited both of those guys and held nothing against them when they chose Auburn. Took the time after the win to reconnect and congratulate guys that don’t even play for him. That’s college football folks.



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