10 Best Things that Happened in College Football – Week 10

College football. That’s it. That’s the intro.


Kids, that’s what they mean when they say “run through contact”. Perfectly legal, absolutely bone-crushing. Football baby.

2. Fat man interception

The Nebraska white and red makes that man look even bigger, and sloppier. It is a crying shame he didn’t score. What an athletic specimen.

3. “What the fuck?” catch of the week

#MACtion starts this week. Tuesday and Wednesday night games with stupid plays like this between small schools in the most boring towns in the country. But that MACtion magic is something special, clearly.


I mean, okay. Cheat code? Maybe. Below-average tackling? Yes. I think the AAC might be the new Big 12. Had the over at 71.5 in this game and it hit and was never in doubt. These teams score, apparently because no one tackles.

5. UCF alternate space unis

UCF is in Orlando. Something related to NASA/space/aliens is in Orlando right? Some launch? That’s enough for me to buy in to these.

6. Teamwork at it’s finest

Helping the runner? NOPE. Just team football.

7. Catch of the year of the week

First like 6 times I watched this it actually messed with my eyes. He threw that ball away. Wanted it to go out of bounds. But he got intercepted by his own player. That’s my narrative and I’m sticking to it.

8. Shattered ankles in Kansas

SHEEEEEESH. That’s a QB. Not a great look man.


Truck stick like you heard about. One of the cleanest trucks I’ve seen since washing my Dad’s Tacoma.

10. Ivy League Hail Mary

In honor of the 150th season of college football Harvard and Dartmouth only score 15 points. But what a play for Dartmouth to stay undefeated. Love Ivy League football. Career earnings of like $300 billion on the field at any given time and less than 1% from football.



How do you feel?

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