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HAPPY FASHION FRIDAY PEOPLE!!!! It might be chilly AF outside but I have some smokin’ hot looks for you guys this week. I don’t want to waste your time because I know you’re going to scroll past all my poetic language and get right down to the bottom where you can VOTE on your favorite look to see who will be the lucky winner of a $50 ZARA gift card thanks to our friends at Crossgates Mall.

I was feeling very inspired for #FashionFriday this morning after some back and forth on Twitter with some of my favorite local news anchors. Asa Stackel (a past best dressed nominee) was the first to remind me that today was a fine, fine fashion Friday indeed. Maybe one day John Craig’s winter hat will make it on here, but I’ll wait for the first official snowfall…

Anyway, VOTE on your favorite look below until Sunday night at 8PM! A winner will be announced and promptly mailed that sweet ZARA money, baby.

Alex Rantzaklis (@astricy)

Alex is no stranger to the best dressed list, but it was inevitable that she made a return to it this week considering she had not one, but two very list-worthy looks going on. This is probably one of the hardest times of year to dress for considering mentally you think it’s still warm out there if the sun is shining, or generally just because you can’t come to grips with the fact that winter is indeed coming, but before then it could fluctuate 20 or so degrees from morning ’til night.

Alex makes all of this seem like NBD (literally) by WORKING the fall color palette like a true style champion. Both looks right here utilize this amazing tomato red color while toning it down with some black and these shades that are literally throwing some major shade. Rocking vintage YSL and some bold prints ain’t no thing for this girl. I’ll always save a spot on the list for her.

Subrina Dhammi (@subrinadhammi)

Staying on the trend of color here (and how difficult it can be to dress during this transition season), I am pretty sure none of those rules apply when you are a news anchor, especially a morning one. And if you’ve seen Subrina’s WNYT News Channel 13 commercial circulating on the TV lately, you know she is not afraid of color; in fact she fully embraces it. That’s why I love that she is bringing this bright yellow to her morning news broadcasts –it suits her perfectly and still really does work for fall even though like I said, seasons don’t really matter on the news.

But listen, she didn’t stop there with this bright yellow dress. The boots are what are doing the talking in this look for me, especially because she could be mailing it in and wearing slippers behind the desk for all we know. We’ve seen animal prints make a crazy comeback this year, and I love how it adds a playful element to an already bright and cheery look without going over the top at all. You just look at an outfit like this and smile.

Jahkeen Hoke (@dreamerjahH)

CHASE DREAMS. Yes! Jahkeen’s outfit at the Future of Small Cities event hosted at Troy Innovation Garage gave me some old school, classic vibes brought right up to speed here in 2019. You might’ve seen me show some love for a good graphic tee or sweater on the @buttonista page, which is probably subliminally why Jahkeen’s outfit spoke to me even more.

I love the collared shirt underneath the crewneck hoodie, and in the picture on the left you can see he paired it well with a pair of light jeans (not always the easiest to pull off, but I am digging it in this look) and a slick pair of camel-colored dress shoes and fun socks. This outfit to me screams, “Yes, I belong on a panel discussion.” Bonus points because in his discussion, he talked about dressing professionally and how he spreads that message to the youth in Albany’s South End that he works with.

The Buttonista (@buttonista)

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT! Jk, only kind of. Because I did say way back when if you guys are not stepping up the fashion game and giving me plenty of local outfits to choose from each week, I can and I will nominate myself. But seriously, what better time to let you guys know about a brand new account we’ve started here at Two Buttons Deep –the buttonista. That’s me, of course! Fashion content has been killing it here on 2BD, but we know not all of you want to see it all the time.

So, that’s how the buttonista was born, and if you want to follow along with my OOTDs, style tips, local people and places to keep an eye on, this is the place you gotta go. It’s super awkward to ask people to take outfit pics for me all the time, but I have to do it for you guys, so here goes nothing. I particularly loved this Snoopy sweater // grungy girly combo this week, so yeah, I’m on the list. WHAT OF IT?!?!

Now you know the deal –I bring you the nominees, you do the voting for your favorite look of the week. Our winner will receive a $50 gift card to ZARA at Crossgates Mall, and you have from now –whenever you’re reading this –until Sunday at 8PM to cast your vote!

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