Best 10 Things that Happened in College Football – Week 11

Probably our biggest week so far this year with two undefeated teams going down: Alabama and Penn State. LSU Alabama was the biggest game this year by far and it did not disappoint, unless you’re a fan of Alabama or defense. I couldn’t limit how many of my famous 10 I got from that game but I doubt I’ll get any complaints that it takes up 1 through 4. Let’s get into it.

1. Clyde Edwards-Helaire made all 3 of his names nationally-known

This is the only play I took from the game but that kid had a few other plays where he just refused to go down. I’ve never seen someone run so hard in as big of a game. Against Alabama of all teams. Unreal performance.

2. Coach O happiness is the best happiness

How can you not love that guy? All the energy in the world and he is basically the living embodiment of the state of Louisiana. So happy he finally beat Bama in his 4th year, this was LSU’s first win over the Tide in 8 seasons. Geaux Tigers.

3. The only thing better than on-camera Coach O? Locker room Coach O.

I am currently in the process of figuring out how to make this my alarm clock every morning. For those of you too lazy to listen or don’t want the person in the stall next to you to be offended, here’s the transcript:



4. LSU’s band guy getting in on the trolling

I think this is will be a first-ballot GIF hall of famer when it’s all said and done.

Ok that’s all we got for this year’s “Game of the Century”. Truth be told I didn’t watch the game, I was in Madison for Wisconsin versus Iowa. Not nearly as much action or points, but get to Madison if you haven’t been already. Top 1 town to drink beer.

5. Kentucky nose tackle salty after a loss

I’m not gonna knock this guy. There are much worse ways to let out frustration after a loss. Really wish we got to see where the ball landed. Need John Brenkus with some Sport Science telling us how the exit velocity was impacted by the way he gripped the ball.

6. Oklahoma barely survived a 2nd embarrassing loss

Nothing beats a 2-point conversion attempt for the win. Coulda shoulda woulda. Tough losses this year for the Iowa State Cyclones. Heartbreak city in Ames.

7. Minnesota goes to 9-0 for the first time since 1904 after beating Penn State

PJ FUCKING FLECK. Down goes Penn State and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Nothing not to like about Minnesota, it’s nice having them shake up the Big 10 a little bit. And personally, seeing Penn State lose and all of Nittany Lion Cult Nation get silenced brings a tear to my eye. Call me a hater, fine. Sometimes hating is more fun than loving in this sport.

8. Catch of the year of the week

Turns out 1 hand in is as good as 1 foot in. Sick catch, in overtime against undefeated Baylor too but TCU couldn’t pull it out. Baylor gets their chance to prove themselves against Oklahoma next week.

9. For the win…

Losing to a Sun Belt team at home? Not great.

Overthrowing your wide open guy by 5 yards for the win? Oof.

Leading him into the bushes to add insult to injury? Cancel the Gamecocks.

10. Ohio State just showing off

Executing a perfect onside kick up 14 is a COCKY move. But when you’re as dominant as this Ohio State team, I don’t hate it. Lean in to the evil empire reputation. They’re just going to keep rolling, I don’t think “mighty” Penn State even gives them a game in Columbus in a couple weeks.



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