8 Things EA Must Do For The Return of NCAA Football

HUGE news out of the NCAA recently as they make their first good decision ever. Student-athletes will now be allowed under NCAA rules to profit from their names, images, and likeness. Do not get this confused with schools “paying” their athletes, but players will get some share of profit from revenue they generate. I’m sure the NCAA will find a way to mess this up but that doesn’t feel like my problem.

The most exciting part of this development is the alleged long-awaited return of the NCAA Football video game franchise. Since 2006, I am not ashamed to say that I have spent roughly 2 months of my life playing these games. I CANNOT wait for a new one. I even hooked up my old Xbox 360 a couple weeks ago to get a NCAA fix with the most recent game, NCAA 2014. Let’s just say the Georgia State Panthers are making some noise.

Before I get too carried away with my prowess in taking South Alabama, Wyoming, and UTSA to national prominence, I have a few things I really need to see from the alleged return of the NCAA Football franchise.

1. Make throwing a fade possible

Maybe I just refuse to learn, but when I take a shot to my best receiver who’s 1 on 1, it get’s intercepted roughly 60% of the time. Quarterbacks just refuse to put it where only their guy can get it. These shots should almost NEVER be intercepted and caught at least sometimes. Just lead the receiver god dammit. QB 101.

2. Onside kicks

I don’t think I’ve successfully recovered an onside kick since the 2009 game. Send that shit rolling and it just magnetically attaches to the first opponent it gets near. Just make it remotely possible to have a chance to recover one.

3. College Gameday

College gameday is one of the best things about college football. In the really old games, Lee Corso would make his headgear pick for your game no matter what. I don’t need my game to be considered the biggest every week, but show me where gameday is that week and make it a big deal when it’s my game.

4. Create a play

With so much creativity in college offenses, it’s time to let us create our own plays. I mean let me give my lineman 6 yard splits and I want to create the quadruple-option.

5. Playbook limits

In the last game, they finally let you customize your playbook. But they limited the amount of formations and plays you could have. That I get, you shouldn’t be able to have every play in existence at your disposal. However, HB Dive is HB Dive. If it’s in for 1 formation, it should be in for them all. Coming from a coaching background I’ve learned that football is a lot simpler than people realize. A lot of times the offense isn’t doing much different, it just looks different to the defense. Also, having the running back on the left or right of the quarterback does NOT mean it’s a different formation.

6. Emphasis on Coaches

Why can’t we see Nick Saban going ballistic at his offensive coordinator after an interception when their up 45-6 in the 4th quarter? He gets paid millions of dollars I need him, Coach O, Mike Leach, and all the coaches to get some shine in the game.

7. Make up for lost time

It’s been almost 7 years since our last NCAA game. Do you know how much amazing college football has happened during that span? Find a way to pay tribute to coaches, players, and moments that we missed.

8. Dynasty mode:

Coaching staff

They started to scratch the surface with this in the last game. You had offensive and defensive coordinators that could improve and get other jobs but that was it. I want to create a coaching staff based on their coaching and recruiting skills. For those of you who don’t know, the head coach doesn’t recruit every single player for the team. He might actually recruit the fewest. Let me delegate recruiting.

Stadium/facility upgrades

Give me a taste of the financial responsibilities that come with running a major college football program. Get donors, improve facilities, improve the program.

Custom uniforms

Ridiculous this hasn’t been a thing yet.

Play analytics

Coaches have graduate assistants to do this in real life, tell me my tendencies on offense and defense that opponents can pick up on. Do I keep running a play that has not been working? I need these insights.


Easily one of the best parts of the NCAA games. However, there wasn’t enough variation between players. There are true freshman in real life who are WAY better than an 81 or 82 overall rating which the last game capped them at. I want more shapes and sizes, more randomness.

Time will tell.



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