The Capital Region’s Best Dressed of the Week

HELLO, PEOPLE! I’m going to start off with an apology –but not really –about being a little inconsistent when it comes to when this list actually drops. It used to be Fashion Friday, but honestly I don’t see a lot of amazing fashions during the week, so sometimes I need to take the weekend to see if my Insta feed fills with fire ‘fits. Plus, during the week if I post, you guys vote like CRAZY because the majority of you are probably sitting at a desk somewhere willing to click away on your favorite look of the week.

So, in summary, it’s a little bit your fault and a little bit mine. If you aren’t posting your #OOTDs on the reg, I have nothing good for the Capital Region’s Best Dressed List. I’m not really allowed to nominate myself –we’ve been over this –so please make me proud and consistently post some looks, nominate your friends, and then pay attention on whatever damn day this thing goes live.

You know the drill, I pick the top looks of the week from here in the 518 and YOU vote on your favorite below. For this one, voting will end Thursday at 5PM and the winner will receive $50 beautiful, trendy and timeless dollars to ZARA at Crossgates Mall. Sound good? Sounds good. Let’s see what we’ve got.

Hailey B (@hails__b)

OK. A lot to unpack in this photo here. You know why? Because my girl Hailey B (who has a private Instagram, so I can’t show you her exact post) captioned this photo with the following, “Still can’t believe I won a trip to the CMAs on the radio lol thanks @1009thecat.” WHAT?!?!?! Someone actually wins local radio contests?! I am so impressed by this, it gives me hope. I have entered to win 1,000 things in my lifetime and have walked away with zero prizes. So first of all, congrats Hailey B. on winning a trip to Nashville, TN on the radio.

And ALSO congrats to Hailey B. (I don’t know her last name so I am making her sound like a Bachelor contestant by calling her Hailey B.) on showing up to the home of country music in style in this velvet studded mock turtleneck dress. I stumbled across this while scrolling on the 2BD Instagram page and immediately clicked that creepy little save button so that I had this in my back pocket for the best dressed list. I’ve never been to an award show, but I feel like this is one of the best things you could wear to one. I love the studded detail, the big silver hoops and the fact that she’s rocking some black velvet –so chic.

Kaitlyn Curley (@kaitlyncurley)

So much yes in one picture. Jewel tones have been in for a while now, and this Emerald green color is the perfect kick off to your holiday season wardrobe. The color isn’t the only amazing thing about this dress, though. There are so many incredible details, from the puffy sleeves, to the rushing on the side, to the diagonal slit AND the silk fabric. AND the mock turtleneck. Win, win, win, win.

THIS is the kind of content I need to see. If I posted this list on Friday, Kaitlyn wouldn’t have even been on it. I call my procrastination fate in this case where it brought me one of my favorite looks I’ve seen in a long time. PS: gold accessories –a chunky hoop and these ankle strap heels –are also A++.

Alexa Franze (@alexafranze)

Even though there’s snow on the ground now, I am praying it’ll melt and we can be exposed to these colorful fall leaves for a few more weeks until real winter arrives. Why? Because I am not over these fall colors happening in the fashion world –and of course you can leave it up to another fashionista from Circles Shop to keep you inspired for the rest of the season.

We’ve got burgundy in the leather jacket and the lip color, black boots with a base black turtleneck with greens, oranges and a little bit more burgundy, paired with a pair of high-waisted boyfriend jeans to keep this look grounded over here. It’s the right amount of feminine + bad ass and I am here for it. My favorite part, though, is this ivory shearling bag with the black square handles. You really know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion when you can style and accessorize your look to perfection.

Honorable Mention: Gary Dake (@garydake)

Like I said, I do accept Best Dressed nominations. And well, this is what I get when I accept nominations. So many people tagged us in this or sent it to us that it almost felt mandatory to add #OurPresident Gary Dake on as an honorable mention to this week’s list. The real reason why I was hesitant wasn’t because I don’t think you guys are taking this seriously enough, but because this is a Coors Light onesie and NOT a Miller Lite onesie.

Am I a traitor for supporting this if it’s not my preferred cheap beer of choice? IDK, maybe. But sometimes you gotta give the people what they want, and they wanted to see Gary Dake on the Best Dressed List this week.

VOTE for your favorite look below before Thursday at 5PM and see who the lucky winner will be! Each week, our Best Dressed winner receives a $50 gift card to ZARA thanks to our fashionable friends at Crossgates Mall.

Who should win this week's Best Dressed? (November 18)

Poll closes Thursday at 5PM. The person with the most votes wins a $50 gift card to ZARA at Crossgates Mall!




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