10 Best Things that Happened in College Football – Week 12

There’s only 11 days left in the college football regular season. For that reason, I am sad. Thankfully, week 12 gave us plenty to be happy about. Starting with your Union College Dutchmen:

1. Union goes undefeated for the first time since 2000

I was at the Shoes Game in Schenectady this weekend, and my god did Union shellac RPI. 33-0 and it was more of a blowout than that score indicates. The undefeated Liberty League champions host Case Western Reserve in the first round of the NCAA Division III playoffs this Saturday. GO U.

2. Nebraska can’t tackle

Maybe they should take steroids like the great Cornhuskers of years’ past.

3. Cortaca broke the Division III attendance record at Metlife Stadium

Pretty awesome for those 2 schools. The rivalry is way more famous than the Dutchman Shoes, despite being 50ish years younger. Gotta wonder though if the student bodies were a little bummed that the game was played 3-4 hours away from the parties. I’m sure they had their fun anyway but regardless.

4. Rutgers finds another way to embarrass itself

Can’t really blame that cheerleader. He just wanted to clap for SOMETHING. Although Rutgers did cover the spread (52)! I bet on the Buckeyes. You’re welcome.

5. Urban Meyer talks shit

I think it’s best for Michigan fans to stay as silent as possible when discussing Urban Meyer and Ohio State. The guy went 7-0 against you. It should be one of the best rivalries in the country but instead you’re the little brother.

6. Marshall’s uniforms paying tribute to the fallen team of 1970

Great video, awesome uniforms.

7. PAC 12 doing PAC 12 things

Seems like all the stupidest shit happens in PAC 12 games. But when you live 3 hours behind the world (east coast) weird shits gotta happen.

8. Oklahoma handed Baylor it’s first loss of the season

Down 28-3, came back to win. Ever heard that before?

9. Kansas Wesleyan with the wildest play you’ve ever seen

College football entertains at every level. What a catch. What a ridiculous play. Might have to make the KWU Coyotes appointment television.

10. Big guy touchdown

Offensive lineman are athletes too! People seem to forget that. Love me a good fat guy touchdown.



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