Congrats to our Weekly Best Dressed (and $50 ZARA Gift Card) Winner Kaitlyn!

You voted, and you picked a damn good winner if you ask me.

Kaitlyn’s look this past week on the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list was a stunner from head to toe (literally). She played up the trendy and popular jewel tones, dressed appropriately for a fall wedding, AKA long sleeves and a mock neck with a sexy slit that says, “Hey, it’s not winter yet!” and accessorized with a chunky gold hoop and gold strappy heel that made the Emerald green and her redish lip look glam and rich AF.

She’s now the proud new owner (well, not for long, you know the drill) of a $50 ZARA gift card which can be used right here in the 518 at Crossgates Mall. People, ya don’t even need to shop online to get fast fashion as fast as possible, all you need to do is head to Crossgates and pop your head into ZARA and see what the latest looks are. Guaranteed you’re going to need a classy, fun outfit for the holiday season coming up, and you don’t even need to go very far to find it.

EVERY WEEK you can vote for your favorite outfit on the Best Dressed List….and EVERY WEEK someone wins! What you need to do is continue to send me, tag me, carrier pigeon me the best outfits you see on social media that come from right here in the Capital Region // 518 // Upstate NY. I want to see you all styling out there so everyone has a chance to make the list and win this gift card. It’s a good one for ya guys and girls, I promise.



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