10 Best Things that Happened in College Football – Week 13

Relatively speaking, it was a boring week for college football. Most of the SEC played cupcakes and our only huge game was Ohio State Penn State. We had playoff-hopeful Oregon get upset as double-digit favorite, I’ll take this week as our appetizer for rivalry weekend coming up. Let’s go.

1. Union came back from 21-3 to win in the first round of the playoffs

Down 21-3 in the third, won 24-21. They move on to play Salisbury this week who just won their first round game 83-0…Roll Dutch.

2. Ivy League nerds protest

Halftime of Harvard vs Yale. AKA “The Game”. Time to protest for climate change!

God damn this irritates me. I hate even giving them more attention here but it’s just too perfect. Look, I get it. Climate change is an issue. But it is not an issue that will be solved by sitting on the field during halftime of an Ivy League football game.

3. Football guy move by Tom Herman

Texas was 6-4 going into the week, gotta find new ways to fire your team up and give yourself a concussion. Can’t knock the hustle.

4. Texas A&M punter deserves some shine for this one

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

5. Shaq doing Shaq things at his Alma Mater

If he wasn’t Shaq and this wasn’t LSU, I would imagine there would be some offended snowflakes out there. But thank god we can just soak this in and love the man. Also I think I love who he’s holding up.

6. FIU beat Miami and even the kicker flexed on the U

There’s no coming back from this Miami. You’re done.

7. Catch of the year of the week

Laviska Shenault is the best player you’ve never heard of. He basically is the entire Colorado offense. He does everything. Please go to the Giants. What a grab.

8. Boise pulls from their old bag of tricks

Oklahoma fans, look away. You may have seen that before.

9. Arizona State QB with a DIME

Thing of beauty. Rumor has it that QB is a freshman. Nice.

10. Wyoming guy Juuls on the sideline

Can’t confirm that is actually a Juul but I can’t confirm that it’s not either. I mean that game was played at over 7,000 ft of elevation and was around 10 degrees. I don’t blame that mountain man for needing a quick hit.



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