The Squadcast – 2BD Takes On West Mountain

The Squadcast is our show that covers all stuff worth talking about from the Capital Region beyond and in 2BD world each and every week. This week’s show comes to you from West Mountain Ski Area where Taylor, Jordan and Jack talk about:
– Taylor and Jordan’s wild ride on the slopes
– is it tubing or sledding?
– what Taylor was hoping to achieve with her mountain fit
– the Watervliet man robbing Taco Bell and celebrating at Nite Moves
– peeping Toms at Shaker High
– are we back on Rivers Casino’s shit list ?
– a brainstorm session for the new Two Bellys Deep donut at Cider Belly Doughnuts
Featuring: Taylor Rao, Jordan Canzeri, Jack Carpenter
Presented by: Saint Archer Brewing Company



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