The 2BD Weekap: February 23-29

Wondering what you missed in the world of Two Buttons Deep this week? Check out our official Weekap to see what the Squad was up to here in the Capital Region.

The Squadcast: Is Amanda Bynes Forecasting Taylor’s Future?

The Squad sat out on the patio at Molly O’Bryan’s in downtown Albany’s warehouse district for our weekly Squadcast and discussed Amanda Bynes’ new engagement and face tattoo. Brought to you by Guinness Irish Stout.

Meanwhile, in Upstate New York…

Minutes with Marko Live at Bootlegger’s

The MWM crew rolled up to Bootlegger’s on Broadway in downtown Troy to banter and drink some Guinness in preparation for the Lepre-Con Pub Crawl coming up on March 7.

Watch here:

Listen here:

Jack Pours the Perfect Pint of Guinness at Power’s Pub

Jack got the ultimate lesson on how to pour a perfect pint of Guinness here in the U.S. now that his study abroad days in Dublin, Ireland are all gone. Bryah Gifford at Power’s Inn & Pub in Clifton Park has got the 6-step process nailed down to a tee.

Behind the Buttons: Jordan Cuts Sam’s Hair

Sam trusts Jordan to cut his hair while he’s been separated from his hometown barber in Syracuse.

Don’t Vote for 2BD in the Times Union’s “Best Of”

Some funny business going on on I-90…we liked our ZARA + Crossgates billboard better. (You can vote for us here –Arts & Entertainment, Best Local Comedian or comedy Troupe.)

Another Meanwhile, in Albany…

That’s it folks –that’s the Weekap. Join the Squad on Saturday, March 7 at the Lepre-Con Pub Crawl in downtown Troy!





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