The 2BD Weekap: March 8-14

Not gonna lie, it feels a little weird going about our “usual” business here at Two Buttons Deep while there’s a global pandemic happening out everyone’s doors and windows. But, what we try to do here is make light of (almost) all situations and we’ll keep continuing to produce as much content as possible, both focused around the topic and stuff “worth talking about” that has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Anyway, if you need to take your mind off things for a few minutes, check out the 2BD Weekap, where we round up all the content you might’ve missed during the week here on 2BD.

Minutes with Marko featuring Ric Orlando (VIDEO)

ICYMI the podcast version, Minutes with Marko is also on video for you to catch every reaction to the nonsense happening in the studio.

Meanwhile, at the gym during the Coronavirus outbreak…

A casual earthquake in Glens Falls

Minutes with Marko – Staying Away From Sound Guy

You can also listen to Minutes with Marko on Simplecast or Apple Podcasts. Brought to you by Guinness Irish Stout.

Taylor and Sam Try to Top Jack’s Perfect Pint Pour

Luckily the Squad took care of our St. Paddy’s Day celebrations a bit early by teaching everyone how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness at Power’s Pub. But did Taylor and Sam score higher than Jack?

A new round of nominees on the Capital Region’s Best Dressed list

The Bachelor’s Chop Featuring Ric Orlando

The Squadcast – Featuring Jack, Sam and Vic Christoper

Brought to you by Guinness Irish Stout.



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