The 2BD Weekap: March 23-29

Bringing you another weekly edition of the Weekap, where round up 2BD’s best content for you whether you missed it the first time around or simply want to watch it again.

The Cuomo’s Brotherly Bickering is Unmatched


Minutes with Marko – Don’t Ask Me To Do a Pushup

Marko broadcasts live from his living room in week 2 of self-quarantine.

– Updates on mascot Josie
– How Marko’s managing to week 2 of self-quarantine
– The workout challenges on social media
– Interview with Albany-based MMA fighter Chris “show biz diz” disonell

Best enjoyed with a Saint Archer Gold beer. You can also listen on Apple Podcasts.

Everyone is going a little kooky working from home, right Newschannel 13?

From the 2BD Archive: Do you drink milk with dinner? (2018)

Jack and Taylor hit the streets of Troy to settle an important debate: do you drink milk with dinner?

The Buttonista Podcast – The 21st Night of September?

The Buttonista is back from her couch in quarantine with another show:
– Planning her wedding date
– Changing her tune on TikTok
– Is Kale King?
– Losing Weight in Quarantine
– Gaining weight from watching Tiger King
– The Buttonista’s dream sponsor of the week
This podcast is best enjoyed with a Vizzy Hard Seltzer. Listen on Apple Podcasts.

Photos: Taylor Visits June Farms

June Farms (just 20 minutes outside of Albany) is offering free –donations accepted —farm walks to get some fresh air during quarantine. We sent Taylor to check it out and she had an A++ experience.

The Squadcast – Virtual Edition with Jimmy the Ked

The Squadcast breaks down the top stories each week from the Capital Region and beyond.

– Life in Quarantine part 2
– Jimmy and Taylor getting in on the tik tok game
– Driver caught going wrong way on 787
– Taylor gets a breath of fresh air at June Farms

Featuring Jack Carpenter, Taylor Rao, Jimmy Collins

Best enjoyed with a Vizzy Hard Seltzer



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