The 2BD Weekap: April 20-April 26

WOW! Quite a wild week we had in the world of Two Buttons Deep. The anti-lockdown protests swept through downtown Albany, and Cap’n Jack captured some one of a kind content to say the least. We are moving right along and making the most of our own quarantines as the Squad stays safe at home in Albany and throughout the Capital Region. Check out this week’s Weekap to see what you might’ve missed or just want to watch again.

The 2BD Squadcast

– The 2BD / Stewart’s Shops mask challenge update
– Taylor’s DREAM OPPORTUNITY that could be hers at the Today Show with her new best friends
– Albany’s measly plan to protest the state Capital on Wednesday
– David Portnoy – El Presidente reviews local frozen pizza Paesan’s Pizza
– Conehead at Latham Walmart
– Taylor’s take on girls wearing sports apparel
Best enjoyed with a Vizzy. New shows every Monday and Thursday only on Two Buttons Deep social media outlets.


From the 2BD Archive (2019): Taylor’s Troy Bike Tour on the CDPHP Cycle!

Jack Does the COVID-19 Protest in Downtown Albany

Plus some bonus footage

Meanwhile, in Albany…

The Buttonista Podcast: Running Out of Couch Moves (Episode 7)

The Buttonista is back from her couch (again) for another show:
– Running out of couch moves
– The weird bun club
– Why is nobody checking in on the Buttonista?
– Mexit speculation
– Snacking vs. grazing
– Larry David in Quarantine
Best enjoyed with a Vizzy Hard Seltzer 

Jack Talks to PYX106

Katie Does the Schenectady Outdoor Farmers Market




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