The 2BD Squadcast: Pullin’ a Toobin

The Squad is back together, breaking in Taylor’s new couch and breaking down all stuff worth talking about from the Capital Region & beyond…⁣
This week on the show with Taylor, Jack, and Katie:⁣
1️⃣ The FOBO is real: the fear of being on. The Zoom heard ’round the world, and who on the squad would most likely, “Pull a Toobin?” ⁣
2️⃣ Cardi B’s nip slip, and why you may never look at a Brotato from Esperanto of Saratoga Springs the same way again… ⁣
3️⃣ It’s Showtime: Movie theaters across New York are set to reopen today, and some of us aren’t reel-y too excited… some of us think Madison Theatre could be a perfect squad outing…
4️⃣ Samuel Mere‘s wingin’ it out there unsupervised, and no kitchen’s safe… ⁣
Things get a little risqué this week, so watch at your own risk, but whatever you do, donut pull a Toobin!⁣
Best enjoyed with a 24 oz. Maple French Toast coffee from Stewart’s Shops, a 28 oz Saratoga Spring Water, a Taylor-made Miller Lite, or an a-dough-rable donut from Taquero☕️ 💦 🍻 🍩 ⁣



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