The Buttonista Podcast: The Important “Triple Ds” of a Relationship

Condensing this week’s Buttonista podcast into one minute 🎙 #ThankGodItsTuesday
What you’ll hear about in the latest epiosode:

-Reintroduce Taylor’s preferred theme song to the podcast…. Does anybody know Akon?

-Valentine’s Day Weekend Roundup

-Speculation about those DMing my content

-A friendly check-in to the people out there who…

1. Wear a hair tie on their wrist

2. Still have their Christmas lights up

3. Bought too much tie dye peak pandemic

4. Still own a pair of Victoria’s Secret PINK pajama bottoms

-Are skinny jeans really out like TikTok says? The Buttonista’s alternative solutions

-What do you do when you’re waiting for something big to happen?

-Where Taylor is going in March & What it will take to feel cool again

Full show on Spotify OR Apple.



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