The Buttonista Podcast: Warmer Times and British Vibes

It’s time for a new Tuesday Buttonista Show! The Buttonista is back from her mom’s bedroom (again) with an all new episode on this sunny, soon-to-be spring day. Keeping it quick-ish before her interview with Antonio Dixon, we get into the following for the start of the show:
-Perfecting a British accent and channeling Princess Diana in light of recent TV news events
– Announcing our casalegals Collab
– Big Tip Energy on Two Buttons Deep – Week 1 recap
– Trends and insecurities: lip injections, brow lamination, teeth straightening and…tooth gems?
РInterview with Antonio Dixon, the guy behind the high tech igloo pods (Privè SolarFi Pods) popping up all around the Northeast
As always, the Buttonista Podcast is best enjoyed with a nice cold Miller Lite.



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