The Buttonista Podcast: Chasing Friday

THANK GOD IT IS TUESDAY! I learned a lesson this week, and a little more behind the reason why I have coined #ThankGodItsTuesday as my signature phrase for a new episode of the podcast. I think it’s because we are all just waiting ’til the freaking weekend and any day beyond Monday is one day closer. Keep me the F AWAY from the Sunday Scaries why don’t you?!
Your girl has a busy, busy week (what else is new) so I defaulted back to my standard “I’m going to get up early” and then press the snooze button until the last possible second to get up and record a morning show. Cap’n Jack would prefer I record in the evenings so I am a proper Two Buttons Deep with a Miller Lite in hand, and while I love a good A.M. session behind the mic, I tend to agree. Miller Lite is the key –but you already know that. Anyway, thank you for listening and staying up to date with the latest in my life. See you NEXT Tuesday!
Today on the Buttonista….
-Resonating with the “no matter what you do you are always tired” meme. Are we all out here just chasing Friday? What a true “dream schedule is like”
-March Madness is over and what my mom always says about sports….she just can’t handle the heartbreak!
-April 18 Clothing Sale at Alexandria’s Beauty Salon with some of the coolest, most fashionable gals in the 518
The new “it” couple, and future Jeoprardy Hosts? #AaronRodgers and #ShalieneWoodley
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