Big Tip Energy Week 6: $1,500 to Hattie’s Restaurant

Another week, another BIG tip! This time in Saratoga Springs for Hattie’s Restaurant, a community staple since 1938. If you haven’t been to Hattie’s Restaurant before, it’s time to go meet our friend Sal and let him make you one of their famous mojitos. Sal is upbeat, positive and the perfect guy to be behind the bar at such a well-loved local establishment.

In 6 weeks, thanks to 2BD followers and contributors to our Venmo, we have raised over $10,000 for local restaurants who receive 100 percent of the tips we raise. Big thanks to CDTA who also continues to supply a $100 gift card each week to a random person who contributes at least $10 to our weekly fundraising effort.

Stay tuned for another installment of #BigTipEnergy this Friday and send us your recommendations for where we should go next!



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