The Buttonista Podcast: Protecting Your Cheugy Nudes ft. Aneesa. Hussain

Hello, hello, HELLO! While there are no #WarmerTimes and #ChillerVibes in sight here in Upstate New York, the Buttonista will ALWAYS deliver even when Mother Nature does not. Every Tuesday, I bring you a brand freakin’ new episode of my show where I talk about….whatever? Like literally anything? I know it sounds really great, but several people think that it actually is!

This week, I catch up on a few hot topics from last week’s show –the wedding dilemma, the Crocs craze, my gaudy Italian bathroom and what’s changing in my life over the weeks to come. Hint: it’s a big fat diet to get my big fat life back on track. And lastly, I sit down at Troy Innovation Garage with Aneesa Hussain, founder of the Albany chapter of Girls Who Code, and an all-around stunner in the technology/cybersecurity sector here in the Capital Region.

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Brought to you by Miller Lite! Pour one out for me during the next eight weeks where I’ll be avoiding Miller Lite like the plague…or some other trendier, more topical virus.





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