The Buttonista Podcast: Lessons of Friendship as an Adult

Hello, Hello! Welcome BACK to the Buttonista Podcast! This week’s episode is all of the things. It’s light, it’s heavy, it’s LOL inducing and it’s all over the place per usual. I tackle the topic of family relationships and friendships changing, pose the questions WHY OH WHY is my hair so uneven? and share the deets on my new hand tied extensions, and of course more.

-The two certainties in the life of the Buttonista (0:54)

-What kind of vibes I am getting from the official debut of the fanny pack and “boyfriend shorts” AKA Bermuda shorts (6:17)

-Did I try to ‘Parent Trap’ my parents? (18:57)

-Lessons in friendships as an adult (26:55)

-What’s going on at the nail salon? (39:35)

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