The Buttonista Podcast: It’s About To Get Real Unattractive Up In Here

Thank God It’s Tuesday! The Buttonista’s hosting a one woman pajama party and inviting you to listen in from wherever you happen to be sitting in your own bathrobe right now. It’s time to get comfortable, crack open an ice cold, 96-calorie Miller Lite and settle in for the latest fashion tips and hot takes nobody asked for.

What happens to the belt on the bathrobe? (1:30)

Weekapping The Capital Region’s Best Dressed (2:45)

Why can’t the Buttonista pull off a French beret? (4:00)

One podcast you should listen to besides this one (8:15)

The item(s) I’m adding to my wardrobe for self improvement and maximum unattractiveness (10:00)

Dishing the skinny on SKIMS and the High Waisted Revolution (18:10)

Why is it important to be the coolest dressed person on vacation? (23:55)

Ready, set, get the Shop App (29:05)

Score a four-pack of Stewart’s Shops pint glasses if you do this ONE thing (31:10)

What Olympic athlete would you be OK with dating? Obscure sports only. (34:13)

Answering some questions from the ‘Gram (41:20)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.





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