The Buttonista Podcast: In Pursuit Of Indoor/Outdoor Living

HELLO FROM THE EAST COAST! Thank God It’s Tuesday!

The Buttonista has returned from a trip out West and needs an IV drip of Stewart’s Shops coffee to get back into tip top shape before Travers Weekend. This week, it’s all about breaking down the last leg of a very long vaca to give you the travel recs you didn’t ask for (but you might need), and of course saving room to prep for the peak summer in Saratoga vibes coming ASAP by the time this little #ChasingFriday gig we do is complete.

Nobody Asked Me, But… ()

The Buttonista’s special guest on today’s show ()

What happened to the Hurricane? ()

Why Airbnb is the way to be ()

“Instagram Anxiety” on vacation ()

Embracing sporty vibes in L.A. ()

Book your next trip to Palm Springs, and bring me ()

Officially in pursuit of indoor/outdoor living ()

Go-to airport attire tips ()

Heading into Travers Weekend with the Times Union and the Green Sheet ()

Ticket giveaway to the 23rd Annual Travers Craft Wine & Beverage Tasting ft. the Buttonista ()






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