The Buttonista Podcast: We Receive the Fashion We Think We Deserve

Oh, hello there! Happy as hell to report the Buttonista is well rested, recharged and ready to end August on a high note with the latest edition of The Capital Region’s Best Dressed coming out before the month is done. Things are a’brewin’ in the good news category (stay tuned for next week) and Two Buttons Deep is giving back to teachers starting NOW with a special Big Tip Energy to #ClearTheCart and buy supplies for local educators trying to trick out their classroom for fall. Thanks in advance for following along with another stream of consciousness recapping this fashion-forward life here in the 518.

Nobody Asked Me, But… ()

Friday night’s outfit details from the Travers Wine & Beer Festival ()

A brief Travers Day report ()

The Buttonista’s honest thoughts about sleeping with your makeup on ()

What’s going on with pop culture these days? ()

The perfect excuse for spending an entire Sunday in bed ()

A preview into big news for next week’s episode ()

Receiving the fashion we think we deserve ()

One article that should make you want to subscribe to the Times Union now ()

Big Tip Energy – Back to School Edition ()

This show is best enjoyed with a Miller Lite and a copy of the Times Union.





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