Join The Buttonista at NAMI-NYS “Off the Mask” Event Friday, September 10

Off the Mask is NAMI-NYS’s largest fundraiser and awareness event to end mental health stigma. We all have mental health, yet many of us choose to mask our feelings and not discuss the importance of our mental wellness. The fashion show features 25 model ambassadors, all of whom have a connection to mental health conditions. The model ambassadors share their stories, walk the runway and will take off their masks to share the true faces of mental health resiliency and recovery. This unique event encourages everyone to take off their symbolic mask to raise awareness and end the stigma around mental health.

In addition to our fashion show, the event also raises awareness with the inclusion of an art exhibit and auction featuring pieces created by people with a connection to mental health.

Our most recent Off the Mask took place November 6th and was streamed live professionally through our Facebook with over 1,000 views. This year Off the Mask will return to an in-person event on September 10th at Sixty State Place in Albany, NY at 6 p.m. est.

All proceeds raised will go to the National Alliance of Mental Illness – New York State and their mission to provide FREE education, support, and advocacy for people impacted by mental illness and raising awareness of mental health.




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