The Buttonista Podcast: Man, I Feel Like A (Free) Woman

Don’t mind the Buttonista just crying some HAPPY TEARS over here on the latest episode of the podcast! Maybe it’s the end-of-summer emotions running high, or maybe it’s the big announcement about halfway through the show, but there is a major sense of excitement in the air as we say au revoir to summer and welcome fall…when the time is right, OK?!?! Settle in and kick off the pre-fall vibes and feel free to laugh, cry, learn and look forward to a whole bunch of stuff as we approach the latter half of 2021. Let’s go, girls!

And don’t forget, you can still get tickets to this Friday’s “Off the Mask” event to support NAMI-NYS where I will be co-hosting the fashion show with Capital Region broadcast legend Benita Zahn. Stick around toward the end of the show for an interview with Kate Tortora who shares all the details about the event and why supporting mental health is so important.


Nobody Asked Me, But… (0:22)

It’s finally time to swim in the Hudson River (1:00)

Clearing the air on the official start of fall (4:20)

Four things I’ll miss about summer (9:03)

Four things I’m looking forward to this fall (15:15)

An official suggestion on how to get a fresh start for a new season (19:50)

Good News Alert: Man, I Feel Like A (Free) Woman (26:40)

Team part-time job (30:22)

“Face Time” with Kate from NAMI-NYS (46:13)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.






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