The Buttonista Podcast: What’s Up While Instagram Is Down

Thank God It’s Tuesday but, um, don’t thank God for the ironically odd start the Buttonista’s new life has gotten off to with Instagram and Facebook being down the day a full-time role doing social media begins. But despite that, the Buttonista’s schedule is jam packed with a whole lotta new, from a new podcast studio setup with all the latest equipment, to the pre-my-best-friend’s-wedding-jitters hence the loss of the train of thought here and there throughout the show. Follow along if you can…sip a Miller for some liquid courage and support.

A request for more information from The Operator ()

Rocking a brand new setup ft. The Big Yellow Comfy Couch AKA Chair ()

ASMR at Saratoga’s Nashville Bar ()

What’s up while Instagram is down ()

Why it pays to be an OG Twitter user ()

And the real reason Instagram went down ()

Why it’s important to maximize your most productive time ()

The Real Housewives of the Capital Meme-gion ()

Don’t make the wedding you’re going to this weekend about you()

Brought to you by Miller Lite and Times Union: Hudson Valley.





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