The Buttonista Podcast: Airstream Dreams and Weeping at the Nail Salon

*Ahem* don’t you dare press play until you’ve taken your first sip and officially joined the Buttonista’s #FirstSipClub, AKA the least exclusive (but most important?) club in the world if you’re in the business of starting your days off right. This episode, expect a full staycation recap after a weekend well spent at June Farms and what it means to the Buttonista to spend time in nature, unplugged from Instagram and surrounded by the best of the best. Also: not making “blarf” a thing this fall, why crying in the nail salon was inevitable and acceptable, and five things the Buttonista just really wants to tell you like, right now. #NobodyAskedMeBut

Nobody Asked Me, But… ()

Second thoughts about the yellow chair? ()

Pardon the interruption ()

Introducing The First Sip Club ()

First Sip Club Continuted: The Cream First Theory ()

Airsteam Dreams at June Farms –brought to you by Times Union Hudson Valley ()

Sending the Senior Buttonista to Sand Lake ()

What the Blarf is going on here? ()

Weeping at the nail salon ()

Five random things that just need to be said ()

Brought to you by Miller Lite and Times Union: Hudson Valley.





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