The Buttonista Podcast: The Halloween Party Planning Committee

You know what they say! Thank GOD it’s Tuesday! It’s the Buttonista’s holy day of the week, sipping whatever beverage the #FirstSipClub calls for as long as we stay hydrated all week long leading up to the big Halloween Party coming this weekend. This episode, we tackle Halloween decor and the best places to shop, how to nail your costume idea and what THE most stressful part of throwing a party actually is. Hint: it’s not making sure there’s enough food and drinks on the table.

You’ll also hear how the Buttonista was thrifting and thriving around the Capital Region this weekend, which sweatshirt logo almost got her canceled, and of course 5 random things nobody asked for, but just simply had to be said. Stay tuned for a new episode each week and please, pretty please –subscribe to the show, review it, like it, WHATEVER you gotta do on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Peace and love is sent your way in advance.


Nobody Asked Me, But…. (0:40)

A changed opinion on Halloween season (3:25)

The Halloween Party Planning Committee (5:15)

#1 Hosting Woes (6:52)

Admitting to sipping a Wed Wine (10:08)

Sexy vs. funny costumes (12:50)

Halloween Edition: Capital Region’s Best Dressed coming next week (15:59)

Cheugy report: Strings Lights and Polaroid Pictures (17:56)

Thrifting and thriving at Salvation Army (22:40)

Four takeaways for thrift store finds (24:46)

Support local journalism with the Times Union (34:41)

“Move Your Body” and Cancel the Buttonista (36:18)

5 Random Things I Need to Say (48:48)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.





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