The Buttonista Podcast: We’ve Been Through A Lot These Past 18 Months

Thank GOD It’s Tuesday! Did you need a minute? Nobody Asked Me, but you better buckle up for another episode of the Buttonista Podcast, where the hairs on the back of your neck (or your legs) might start to stand up after a few spooky stories surrounding the past weekend of Halloween activities. This week, we recap the weekend, dish out a few decor-driven shopping tips, keep it real, funny and hydrated AF with the first sips of Miller Lite to get us through the week until Chasing Friday is complete. Listen now and don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode, and review the show so your friends hop on the TGIT train too.


Nobody Asked Me, But… ()

The real reason Queen Elizabeth is feeling better after bedrest ()

Halloween Edition: Capital Region’s Best Dressed ()

Senior Buttonista as Kris Jenner ()

The Buttonista’s costume fail? ()

Pro tip: get your (next year’s) holiday decor when it’s 50% off ()

Chasing Friday and the shopping high ()

Prop tip #2: If you can’t take it down, don’t put it up ()

Introducing Martin, Harding and Mazzotti to the Buttonista Podcast ()

A spooky situation and Jet the Guard Dog ()

Unexpected houseguests at 2AM ()

Feeling stuck in the yellow chair ()

The Buttonista’s Getting Implants ()

5ish Random Things brought to you by the Times Union ()

The Capital Region is getting funny at Funny Bone this winter ()

The actual 5 random things ()

Buttonista merchandise and a #FirstSipClub announcement ()

Brought to you by Miller Lite.





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