The Buttonista Podcast: F*ck Off

Thank GOD It’s Tuesday! The Buttonista is back at it again from the Big Yellow Chair with a whole lotta peaks and pits to share this early in the week. Christmas decorations are low in inventory, but there is one thing that is being spotted in EXCESS quantity at the stores lately that is causing the Buttonista and the Sr. Buttonista a bit of worry. Nobody asked for this amount of hot takes, f*ck offs and random tangents, but here we have it. Grab your panties and go on another adventure as you stream the latest episode of the show.


Nobody Asked Me, But… (0:22)

Capital Region’s Best Dressed Reminder (2:30)

Aunt Kathy’s Soup Season (3:51)

Bringing back the Peaks and the Pits (6:08)

Investigative Report: The Malty Panty Tree (6:28)

Constant “up” and “down” directional confusion (8:06)

The Christmas Peak: Faux Tree Dreams (10:50)

Your weekly “inventory is low” reminder – shop early!! (14:20)

The one thing there WAS too many of at the store (15:29)

Plausible answers for why you are bringing your man shopping (17:25)

The Lasagna Incident of 2021 brought to you by Times Union (20:50)

When the new show hits different (30:20)

Pit #2: What I’ve missed out on by not watching Succession on HBO (31:15)

Introducing Harvest2Homes to the Buttonista Podcast (35:09)

Am I going to be out of a job soon? (38:34)

Toss your Airpods and grab the cords if you wanna be cool again, apparently (43:44)

Thank you for listening to this show instead of Al Roker’s podcast (48:32)

Brought to you by Miller Lite.





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