The Buttonista Podcast: My Head Is Literally So Clear

Welcome back to another Tuesday episode of The Buttonista Podcast. Clear head, belly full of ice cream, CAN’T LOSE! Only 8 days into SSJ and some ~*things*~ are happening for better, for worse or to just stay the god damn same. This week, we dive into the effects of not drinking, how to stay #Hydrated with other beverages to pass the time and of course a segue into five very random thoughts and things that might ruin the next viral video you watch online. Grab your headphones, turn on your Bluetooth and step into the surprisingly strange mind of the girl screaming into the mic at times…literally.


Nobody Asked Me, But… (0:53)

Late Night with The Buttonista (1:53)

Stock up on Miller Lite to help sales during SSJ (2:22)

IG Clothing Sale recap – stay tuned for spring (3:40)

Faux leather PSA: still in (4:26)

Secret Sober January Update (6:16)

Another acronym…PNC and how it related to SSJ (8:24)

Testing out the new beverage markets (12:55)

A vow to the Nespresso machine (13:36)

PSA: Metabolic Ballston Spa opening soon (15:55)

Delivery wins and shortcomings (17:35)

Manscaped is back, baby! (21:29)

5 Random Things… (24:07)

By the way it’s a 7/8 tight all the way, no cankles in ’22 (26:12)

RIP Bob Saget (27:28)

Download Acorns and thank me later (32:43)

A shocking (self) discovery about a viral trending video (37:01)

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Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite.



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