The Buttonista Podcast: You Better Not Be Hiding Edamame From Me

Thank God It’s Tuesday! The Buttonista has officially been chopped and screwed…JK, just chopped (the hair) and screwed (because the hair was chopped before a beyond frigid trip to Buffalo, NY). This week, the Essentia Water is going down smooth as we get caught up on the latest happenings in Buttonista-land.


Half-assed Nobody Asked Me, But… (0:20)

Sippin’ on pH balanced Essentia Water (1:50)

What I found out when I FINALLY caught up with The Kardashians (2:54)

YouTube TV shaping my watching behavior (3:46)

Chopped and not screwed (6:22)

You can try new trends beyond fashion, but with hair too (9:58)


What are Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls? (17:59)

Introducing Mr. Formal Wear to The Buttonista Podcast (18:43)

Biggest food takeaway from Buffalo (21:25)

Coming Soon: The Buttonista Gets Funny (28:49)

I stand with Senator Gillibrand (31:01)

What’s the next Buttonista phrase for a spring merch drop? (39:56)

Lead the decision on the future of your man’s balls with Manscaped (40:27)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite or Essentia Water (SSJ participants only).

Use promo code BUTTONISTA at for 20% off your purchase plus free worldwide shipping.



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