The Buttonista Podcast: Sneaky Cheeky


THANK GOD IT’S TUESDAY! We’re peaking, it’s basically peak winter right now and The Buttonista is feeling a huge weight off her shoulders not having to deal with any emotional trauma from what was apparently the craziest weekend in NFL history. So if you spent too much time in front of the TV this weekend watching sports and need to recover with some girl time, tune right into the latest episode of The Buttonista Podcast to start thinking spring with an early fashion trend report and some bonus hot takes along the way.


Nobody Asked Me, But… (0:42)

Do you remember this one childhood toy? (2:44)

Manscaped is a safe bet for Valentine’s Day (4:45)

Getting an early start on the spring 2022 trend report (10:17)

Is the Buttonista superstitious about pearls? (10:46)

The key to glowing this winter (26:07)

Introducing Mealeo to The Buttonista Podcast (30:21)

The latest I’ve heard about teens on TikTok (35:25)

A very quick rundown in pop culture (46:55)

Last call for January submissions for the Capital Region’s Best Dressed (52:30)

Best enjoyed with a Miller Lite. Use promo code BUTTONISTA on for 20% off your order + free worldwide shipping.



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